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Care Coordination: Working Together Towards Top-Notch Care

Care Coordination

There’s no denying that the health industry and the way we care for our patients has evolved throughout the years. To drive this evolution, health professionals continued look for the most efficient and effective methods of patient care, resulting in the birth of home health care.  Individuals generally want to remain independent and continue daily routines throughout the aging process, so the aide provided by home health care aimed to make that happen.  Now, home health continues to change the face of the industry.

Part of what makes home health care effective are the teams’ coordination of care.  Utilizing innovative strategies and communication alongside new technology has allowed health personnel to truly determine best actions of care for patients right from the comfort of their homes.

Here at Residential Home Health, we coordinate care by integrating solutions that focus on all of our patient’s needs. In order to provide this type of care, home health agencies’ coordination generally falls in line with three categories: care globally, care networking, and care customization.

Care Globally

Home health agencies work to provide the absolute best care to the patient right from the comfort of their home, but will also work to coordinate hospital and facility care if required.  Many homecare agencies work closely or have partnerships with various facilities to improve the transition of care for patients by coordinating a consistent level of care across providers.

Care Networking

When utilizing home health, the home health agency takes a lead role in care coordination. To provide streamlined care right from the patient’s home, the agency needs to be able coordinate and communicate the needs of the patient for any care required.  In most instances, the same nurse is caring for the patient throughout the tenure. So, for example, if the patient requires a certain specialist to improve the care being provided, that nurse will be the point person for all patient related information.  Instead of simply caring for a patient, home health is about building relationships that enhance care and coordination.

Care Customization

Home health provides the necessary aide which allows a patient to remain safe, comfortable, and independent while still living at home. Any care administered must be patient specific, and home health allows the flexibility to create such a program.  At Residential, health professionals tailor the specific care to directly fit the needs of each individual patient  The customization of care, not only allows the patient to be more comfortable but, also reduces the number of times a patient returns to the hospital for additional care, while improving the rate of healing.

At Residential Home Health, our commitment to clinical excellence makes certain you receive care from compassionate nurses and therapists with the most advanced and expert skills and training.  To discover a plan of care coordination that fits your personal health needs, to ask more questions, or to discuss your specific situation with a nurse, call (888)930-WELL