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Celebrate Registered Dietitian Day with In-the-Know Nutrition

Registered Dietitian Day

In honor of Registered Dietitian Day, Residential Home Health RD Laura shares valuable nutrition advice and healthy recipes.Regardless of age, gender, or health status, one thing we all have in common is food. Not only do we need to eat to stay alive, but what and how we eat can have a substantial effect on how we feel and function. As part of National Nutrition Month, March 11 is Registered Dietitian Day, an opportunity to recognize the expert professionals who help us learn about proper nutrition and also apply those healthy lessons in our daily lives.

Beyond their broad knowledge of general nutrition, registered dietitians (RDs) can also play an important role in management of specific diseases. Diet modification is often a key consideration in disease management, as the body may have a harder time processing certain nutrients. Whether patients need to reduce their salt intake to counter heart disease, or learn to count carbohydrates for better diabetes management, an RD is equipped to teach, plan, and empower patients for better health.

Some Residential Home Health Care Teams include specialized RD services as applicable, and at the Home Health Blog, we’ve been lucky to have one of our experts share her knowledge and skills. Read on for valuable nutrition advice from registered dietitian Laura, and revisit some recipes she’s shared with us in the past.

Laura’s Nutrition Tip

With spring right around the corner, an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables will soon be in season. At the grocery store, an expenditure you may debate is whether to ‘splurge’ on organic produce.

When weighing the decision to buy organic, the primary concern is how much residue remains from pesticides and chemicals used in the growing process. If these concentrations are high, buying organic is recommended. The lists below show fruits and vegetables that should be bought organic due to high concentrations of chemicals and pesticides (left), as well as produce that typically does not have such high concentrations, and does not necessarily need to be organic (right).

Buy OrganicNon-Organic OK
Grape TomatoOnion
Sweet Bell PepperCabbage
Hot PepperCauliflower
KaleSweet Corn
Collard GreensSweet Potato
White Potato 

Healthy Recipes

Chicken Penne Toscana

Laura’s healthy recipe from the month of January is a rustic but simple one-dish meal that can be ready in less than an hour. What’s more, the proportions of protein, fat, and carbohydrates are right in line with American Diabetes Association guidelines.

Happy Heart Chili

This hearty dish from February cuts the salt and fat for better heart health without sacrificing flavor. Laura’s instructions also include several handy modifications and topping options to satisfy many different tastes.

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