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Celebrating Age: Making the Most of your Life

Growing old

Growing old is inevitable.  Our bones become weaker, our skin begins to wrinkle, and our hair may become a little grayer.  It is simply the way life works.  But while we cannot avoid the physical aspects of growing old, we do have some influence on the way we age.

Ann Ranson hosted an insightful Ted Talk on the processes of growing old and aging.  She claims that aging is a philosophy, and by changing the way we think, we can live, longer happier lives.   Ranson backs these claims with a study that found those who have a positive outlook on aging, on average, live seven and a half years longer. The same study found that having a good attitude about aging is a better indicator of a person’s longevity than cholesterol, blood pressure, or BMI.  With these claims in mind, by simply changing our personal philosophies on getting older, we can influence the course of the rest our lives.

Think back to your life ten years prior.  What has changed since then?  Certainly, your body has gotten a bit older, but has your mentality and the way you think changed?  You may have become a little wiser, but at the core, your method of thinking and who you are remains the same.  Realizations like these as well as reminiscing about your happiest moments, Ranson says, leads to a more fulfilling, less scary future. The mind is a powerful tool, and whether you’re receiving a little bit of extra help in the home, or if you’re acting as a caregiver for a loved one, savoring and enjoying the moments you are in can only be beneficial to your health.

Age is something to be celebrated.  Whether you are transitioning home from the hospital or looking to gain strength and mobility at home so you can live to its fullest, Residential’s team of nurses and therapists are here to empower you with great care and support you in meeting your health goals. Discover how you can stay safe, healthy and have a better outlook on life in your home by calling (888) 930-WELL (9355) and speaking with a Home Care Specialist about your specific health needs.

Check out Ranson’s full Ted Talk for more tips on how to celebrate life as we age.