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Hands-on Assistance and Remote Advice — A Tale of Two Alerts

Residential Nurse Alert to the Rescue

One patient demonstrated that Residential Nurse Alert can truly be used for ‘Anything,’ including on-site help and two-way audio counseling.Part of Residential Home Health’s commitment to promoting safe and healthy aging in place, and staying out of the hospital, is working to ensure that patients can have ready access in case a concern or emergency arises. This is why the exclusive Residential Nurse Alert mobile personal emergency response system promotes Anytime-Anywhere-Anything assistance for patients who elect this service. While ‘Anytime’ and ‘Anywhere’ ensure that access is broad and convenient no matter what, the final ‘Anything’ is a standout feature in itself. In an emergency, such as a fall or injury, Residential Nurse Alert enables a swift, appropriate response to the situation. But even if the issue is not quite so distressing, such as a curious new symptom or a question for one’s physician, it receives the same prompt attention and follow-through with the press of a button.

The enormity of that ‘Anything’ was particularly apparent for one Residential Home Health patient, who in a single day used Residential Nurse Alert for two vastly different types of assistance. Read on to learn how he benefitted not only from physical care on-site in his home, but also from sound health advice in an instructive audio consultation.

First alert

The patient was a 68-year-old man receiving care for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, and decreased functionality and balance. He had his first button push early in the morning, after a surprising incident: as he was getting out of bed, the hospital bed broke, and he fell suddenly to the floor. Although the patient was rattled, with the convenient Residential Nurse Alert pendant right at hand, he was easily able to press the button for assistance.

The triage nurse who responded to the alert immediately sent emergency responders to help. The emergency team quickly arrived at the patient’s home, helped him up, and assessed him for injury. The patient hoped to avoid a hospital visit, and fortunately, the responders agreed that he would not require follow-up care at the emergency department. They left the patient at home, ready to resume a normal day.

Second alert

Later that same day, the patient pushed his Residential Nurse Alert button a second time. This time, he told the responding triage nurse that he was trying to manage his blood sugar level, but was unsure how much insulin to take. The triage nurse asked the patient whether he had tested his blood glucose, and stayed on the line to talk him through a self-test. Based on the reading, the nurse was able to advise the patient remotely about what to take and eat. Their conversation continued until the patient felt assured that he knew what to do, and would be fine until his doctor appointment in a few hours. Before concluding the call, the triage nurse reminded the patient once more that he could reach out again to Residential Nurse Alert should he need any more help.

By providing a connection to in-person assistance, as well as being a resource for skilled medical expertise, Residential Nurse Alert helped this patient through two incidents of potential concern, both times resolving the matter safely and avoiding a probable hospital readmission. The patient can continue to manage his conditions at home or ‘Anywhere,’ knowing that this system is at the ready ‘Anytime,’ to assist him with ‘Anything’ about his complex health challenges.

As this patient’s story shows, the exclusive Residential Nurse Alert mobile response system can be used for any reason, day or night:

  • Emergency situations
  • Questions regarding hospital discharge instructions or medications
  • Help with scheduling physician appointments
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Questions for your primary care physician
  • Health concerns or any other reason

Residential Nurse Alert provides patients with Anytime-Anywhere-Anything access to their care team. Non-patients can also use the service to connect with Residential’s clinical team. In 2014, more than 300 probable hospital admissions were avoided with this system. For more information, click the link below, or call (888)930-WELL (9355) to speak with a nurse.