Culture of Respect

A Better Culture 

Respect  & Communication

One of the things we hear a lot from clinicians who work in other settings is that they aren’t respected for their experience and expertise. They went to school, did the training, work with patients every day – and they know their stuff!

At Residential, we value our clinician’s knowledge and judgement. Clinicians work one-on-one with each patient in the patient’s home. So rather than going from room to room dispensing pill after pill, they’re consulting with the patients and families, assessing the patients’ needs and deciding how to proceed with treatment.

We respect our clinicians like crazy. They’re the heart, soul and backbone of our entire organization, and we never forget that for a moment.

Want to know what it’s like to work here?

There’s no one better to tell you than those who actually do work here. Meet some of our clinicians:

Molly Craney 
“My voice matters.”

Kate Edmondson
You really are thanked for what you do.”

Shannon Ciecko
“You talk to somebody and they listen to you.”

Patrine Buckley
“If you’re looking for a place where you can thrive, Residential is the way to go.”

Let’s Talk

We want to hear from our team members. An open-door policy is essential to good communication, so everyone on our leadership team is ready to listen to ideas, concerns and other input just about any time.

Wendy Bongero, Sr. Vice President of Operations, Hospice
“Leaders who don’t listen to the people on their teams are blowing a huge opportunity. No one knows better than the clinicians what our patients need.”

Natalie Hagyari, Sr. Vice President of Operations, Home Health
“As a nurse myself, I understand the challenges. I’ll do everything I can to support them with processes and equipment that make their jobs go smoothly.”

Managing Stress

Everybody knows that people in the healthcare field are subject to stress: from patients, managers, the community and within the ranks of nurses themselves (did somebody call in sick again?). Residential offers a wide range of resources to help:

Paid Time Off

All employees start with three full weeks of paid time off and quickly earn more PTO after two years of tenure. We offer six paid company holidays along with two floating holiday options.

Flexible Scheduling

Need to take a couple hours for a dentist appointment or to sit in the stands at your child’s game? Our flexible scheduling puts you in control of when to see your patients. As long as you arrange it with them, we want you to have options in
your day.

Thank You Gifts

Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail? To celebrate our nurses during Nurses Week in May or individual staff members for going above and beyond, we love to send small gifts to say “Thanks.”

Employee Appreciation Days

From company-wide award galas to team birthdays, Residential management and staff aren’t shy about celebrating our exceptional employees.

About once a year, we love to gather together at a fun location. We eat, drink, meet each other’s families, acknowledge team members for their years of service, and generally have a blast. Maybe it’s a trip to the zoo or an amusement park. Maybe it’s a trivia quiz party. We’re always thinking up new ideas!

Employee Assistance Program

We are grateful for all the effort our staff members put forth, day-in and day-out, providing care and support to our patients and to one another. As caregivers, most of us are predisposed to considering the wellbeing of others before ourselves. Though this selfless approach is truly heroic (and clinicians are all heroes to us!), there must be times where you need to feel supported, cared for, and encouraged. For those reasons, and many more, we offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). ComPsych is a 100% free service/resource provided to all our valued employees to support overall wellbeing, mental health and stress reduction. Some services include:

Counseling, Legal Information, Financial guidance, Stress Management, Addiction resources and much, much more!

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