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Find The Perfect Hospice Job In Your Area

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You’re looking for a career where you genuinely make a difference, one where your employer values and cares for you.

Care To Live Better.

Are you a nurse or therapist looking to start working in hospice? Are you looking for a rewarding career with a company where you can connect deeply with your patients and their families; one where your employer values and takes care of you? At Residential, our team of hospice experts provides superior care to patients with unique physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Not only do we provide the training and tools to deliver the best care possible, but we also offer employment with the flexibility and support needed to balance your work with your family, life, and interests outside of work. After all, you’re not seeking just any hospice job.

About Residential

Residential is an equal opportunity employer with nearly 1,800 full-time and part-time clinical and non-clinical professionals. As a full-continuum provider, Residential will allow you to develop and use your skills in any one of our specialty practices, including, home health, palliative, or hospice.

Service Areas

A subsidiary of Graham Healthcare Group, Residential serves patients and families across Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

While You Take Care of Patients, We Take Care Of You

Providing award-winning workplaces for its employees, Residential offers both stability and opportunity for growth to health professionals.

Our benefits go further than health insurance or a 401k -we take them to the next level with 360-degree support for you as an individual. This includes support for your physical, financial, and mental wellness. We know it’s not just about providing the best care possible for our patients, but also supporting our team members as people with families and lives outside work. That’s why we offer benefits like flexible schedules that allow you to be present for your loved ones or pursue an advanced degree. Another reason, Care To Live Better.

Here are just a few of the benefits we offer all full-time employees on our hospice team

  • Great pay with growth potential
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Simplified charting
  • Paid certification and education
  • Leadership that has your back
  • No long shifts and minimal weekend requirements
  • Comprehensive onboarding programs
  • State-of-the-art technology for patient care
  • Mental health care through Ginger
  • Physical wellness program though Openfit

New to hospice care? No Problem.

With our onboarding programs and a team of experts to support you, you’ll be up to speed quickly, ready to provide exceptional care to patients. You’ll be surprised at what’s possible when you work in an organization that’s committed to your success both personally and professionally. Our leadership has your back. You focus on patients and we focus on you! It’s just another reason that It’s Just Better Here. We have a great team of employees, and we’re looking to grow. Would you like to join us?

Looking for Opportunities in a Palliative Care or Hospice Job

Our focus is on keeping patients comfortable at home, and out of the hospital or nursing facility through personalized care coordination and education.

Each of the team members listed below plays a vital role in delivering hospice services, including the education and treatment of chronically and terminally ill patients and their families.

Hospice Team Health Professionals. We’ve listed a few hospice jobs below that make up our team and a short description of what you can expect when working with patients in their homes.

The backbone of our hospice teams, hospice registered nurses manage the direction and coordination of a patient’s individualized plan for their end-of-life care. Hospice RNs educate on the dying process and direct family members to spiritual support and available community services. They work closely with the rest of the hospice care team before, during, and after the person passes away.

Board-certified in palliative and hospice care, a hospice physician is always on hand to oversee clinical aspects of care. They make home visits (as needed) and serve as consultants for our interdisciplinary teams.

Palliative-certified nurse practitioners share their passion and mission for providing excellent care to patients and caregivers by providing treatments that help ease symptoms such as pain and anxiety as well as helping clarify the patients’ goals of care and end-of-life needs.

These compassionate professionals help patients with tasks of daily living such as bathing and dressing. They also serve as another set of eyes for the care team, documenting and reporting observations of patient emotional and physical states to optimize patient care.

Caring, knowledgeable, non-denominational counselors provide spiritual assistance in any form that meets the needs of the patients and their families. They also serve as valuable liaisons with other spiritual resources and professionals in the community.

Medical social workers bring a wealth of resources to those needing to receive hospice care and their loved ones and caregivers by connecting them with community resources, educating them about options, and helping clear barriers to productive, meaningful communication.

These certified professionals bring much-needed comfort, relief, and stress reduction to hospice patients through innovative initiatives and therapies that treat and soothe patients’ minds, bodies and spirits.

Instead of being part-time or substitutes, our dedicated after-hours team is on call and at the ready, ensuring that there is never a gap in the care our patients receive, including at night, on weekends, and during holidays.

In collaboration with the care team, hospice and palliative care pharmacists ensure medication orders are appropriate, on time, and taken per instructions.

Bereavement support specialists provide a wealth of much-needed assistance and resources to assist loved ones in coping with loss, including support groups, phone calls, coordination of group memorial services, and programs and resources.

Residential Hospice trained volunteers are true heroes, typically motivated by their own hospice experiences to provide companionship, respite care, bereavement assistance, and creative expression projects that brighten the lives of our patients.

Hospice is a Rewarding and Fulfilling Career

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A healthcare expert who works in hospice and palliative medicine focuses on preventing and alleviating suffering and improving the quality of life for individuals with a terminal illness, as well as their families. They consider both physical and spiritual needs.

Hospice employees often experience a sense of gratitude for interaction with loved ones, exposure to nature and the outside world, and the gift of time. They realize that our days are short, and health is uncertain. That makes them desire to live life to the fullest and to savor small pleasures.

Our experienced career navigators are ready to help you find the best position for your skillset so that together we can provide superior patient-centered hospice care.


What does in home hospice consist of?

Hospice care at home routine services includes pain management, symptoms management, emotional and religious counsel, assistance with everyday activities, nutrition support, or therapeutic service.

Are hospice nurses in demand?

Hospice nurses are increasingly being sought because of the aging population in America. Join Residential and treat patients at home, at work, or outside the hospital.

How much do hospice nurses make?

According to Zip Recruiter, the median salary for hospice nurses is $73,282 in the United States.

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