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Keeping You on Your Feet and Engaged in Your Favorite Activities

On Your Feet And Engaged

Mobility becomes increasingly challenging as we age, and as a result, one in three seniors over the age of 65 experiences a fall causing over two million ER visits each year.  Not only does falling pose a risk to our health, but decreased mobility can hinder our ability to do the things we love.  At Residential Home Health, we have a mission to keep you on your feet, allowing you to stay active and engaged in your favorite activities.

A lack of or reduced mobility can come from a number of causes – whether an underlying disease that affects balance, such as dementia, or perhaps weakened muscles from lack of exercise.  Even simple things such as the fear of falling can affect how you walk.   To combat these setbacks, there are exercises and training programs that help you build up your muscles and confidence when moving around.  It is possible to regain much of your lost mobility simply by working at it.

Residential has programs in place that not only target the root cause of your mobility deficit, but also work to rehabilitate your body so you can move around confidently.  In-home visits with a physical therapist seek to increase independence and safety in your home specifically by improving mobility, balance, and strength.  Additionally, if you have a history of falls or have pain while standing, Residential’s fall awareness and prevention program, STEPWISE, addresses these problems and works to relieve them through education and home safety solutions.  STEPWISE is further supported by Residential’s personal emergency response system, Nurse Alert.  With the press of a button, Nurse Alert connects you to a trained clinician who can help you receive the urgent aid you need.  These programs, in conjunction, focus on addressing your specific health concerns and have your back when things don’t go your way.

It is hard to stay mobile as you age, but that doesn’t mean you must stop doing the things you love.  If you or a loved one struggles with mobility, strength, or balance, Residential’s programs and expert therapists can help.  Call Residential Home Health at (888) 930-WELL (9355) to speak with a Home Care Specialist to see how these programs can help you.