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Not seeing seniors may give some skewed views of lifespan

With the help of home health care and greater treatments, many adults are living longer, despite having disease. However, new research shows that just because there have been improvements to lifespan, not everyone may realize how long they could potentially live.

New research out of Newcastle University in the UK suggests that people who live in deprived neighborhoods who don’t see seniors out on the streets may feel as though people generally die young. Additionally, the researchers suggest because of this concern, many people may adjust their life plans accordingly, in the event they die sooner than intended.

The study’s authors looked at two neighborhoods in Newcastle – one was poor and the other was wealthy. After recording the estimated ages of every person they passed on the main streets, the authors compared their findings with census data to determine how well these findings accurately portrayed the area’s age.

“Chronic exposure to a world where there are many visible young adults and few visible old ones may activate psychological mechanisms that produce fast life-history strategies,” the authors write.

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