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New research could give hope to Alzheimer’s care

Alzheimer’s disease can be trying for patients, as they struggle to remember their own lives, family and friends. While Alzheimer’s care can help with the transition, there is still no potential cure for the disease.

However, new research on a mouse model is giving hope to those suffering with Alzheimer’s, as there could be a way to prolong lifespan. According to research from the Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute (IIBB), a regimen of melatonin and exercise helped fight the brain deterioration in mice models that had three different types of Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers wrote that daily exercise and an intake of melatonin helped the mice models that were experiencing the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. The study’s authors were excited about the prospect, as it could open new treatment windows.

“For years we have known that the combination of different anti-aging therapies such as physical exercise, a Mediterranean diet, and not smoking adds years to one’s life,” Coral Sanfeliu, from the IIBB, explains to Servicio de Informacion Y Noticias Cientificas. “Now it seems that melatonin, the sleep hormone, also has important anti-aging effects”.

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