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New research finds hope for diabetes treatment

When it comes to diabetes care, many seniors are concerned with how it will affect their daily lives. Although there are home health care professionals who can assist with managing the disease, the medical community has been working to come up with better treatment options.

Research out of Karolinska Institutet suggests there has been a breakout in the realm of diabetes treatment thanks to the discovery of a certain protein. The study reports that blocking the signaling of the protein VEGF-B can prevent fat from growing in such places as the muscles and heart.

“It’s a great feeling to present these results,” said Professor Ulf Eriksson of the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics at Karolinska Institutet. “We discovered VEGF-B back in 1995, and since then the VEGF-B project has been a lengthy sojourn in the wilderness, but now we’re making one important discovery after the other. In this present study we’ve shown that VEGF-B inhibition can be used to prevent and treat type II diabetes, and that this can be done with a drug candidate.”

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