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Nutrition as we Age: Making the Most of our Daily Eating Routine

Nutrition As We Age

Everybody is required to eat food and drink liquids each day starting when we are born until the day we take our last breath. The nutrients found in our daily intake is essential to living, and it becomes increasingly important we age.

Each food that we eat contains some sort of nutrient that is beneficial to our bodies: carbs, fats, proteins, minerals, etc.  These fuel our bodies and uphold overall health, however, these same foods can also contain bad or excess nutrients.  What becomes increasingly important as we get older is determining which nutrients and how much are needed for our bodies so that we can keep a high standard of health.

Carbs and fats are both really good sources of energy, and fats also promote immune health and vitamin absorption as we age.  It is important that we are choosing the right kinds and amounts of carbs and fats however, you must be careful because they can quickly become excessive.  That means choosing proper portions of whole grain products and fatty fish like salmon are always a safe bet.  Proteins, vitamins, and minerals act as a sort of maintenance for the body, working to repair weakened muscles, cells, and other health systems. So lean chicken, eggs, and legumes are great sources, but many other foods contain essential vitamins and minerals. Finally, water is always important for flushing out waste and regular upkeep – it does make up 70% of our body after all.

You might be thinking, how can you be sure that you are getting all of the proper nutrients that are needed as your body ages?  Well, it starts with eating a variety of foods and colors each meal. Green fruits and veggies help with vision and reduce cancer risk, but you also want to make sure you’re getting your dosage of red foods as well to maintain a healthier heart.  We all have our favorite/go-to foods, but we have to mix it up so that we are getting every nutrient we need.

These tips are not only important for seniors, though.  Caregivers should be aware of these health pointers as well.  In order to care for a loved one, you, yourself, must be healthy and energized to do the job.  That’s why being knowledgeable about nutrients and mindful of the variety you eat is so important.

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