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Outpatient Therapy, It’s Not For Everyone.

Are you preparing for orthopedic surgery? Depending on your specific situation, outpatient care might present some challenges and even put you at risk. For some patients, receiving in-home therapy with home health care means still working toward their health goals, but from the safety of home. The following is a true story of a scary experience told by a member of the Residential team.

“As I was headed across the parking lot to leave the hospital, I heard a voice yelling ‘Help me!.’ I turned to discover a lady lying in the middle of the parking lot next to her three-wheeled walker. I ran over to find a woman on the ground, Norma, with a big cut over her right eye. She was completely winded and lightheaded. She had just left outpatient therapy for her shoulder. Her therapy had been taxing enough, but by the time Norma reached her car, she was exhausted and tripped on a pebble. We had to call the ambulance to get her stitches.”

“I couldn’t help but think that Norma would have been much safer getting therapy on her shoulder at home. I was reminded why for many patients, especially the elderly, considering home health during their rehabilitation is a good choice, one that helps avoid putting themselves at risk. This experience was a clear reminder as winter approaches that patients should consider home health care as an alternative to outpatient care.”

If leaving home takes considerable effort, choosing home health care for your rehabilitation may be the right call. For eligible beneficiaries, home health services are 100% covered by Medicare, with no out-of-pocket costs. Talk to your doctor about your desire to receive the care you need, right in the comfort of your own home. Or call 866-902-4000 to discuss your specific situation with one of our nurses.