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Prescription costs for Medicare recipients down

Seniors who are on Medicare may have found that their prescription costs have dwindled in recent years.

According to USA Today, those receiving Medicare benefits have saved more than $4.5 billion on prescription medications since January 2011. Analysts are suggesting the healthcare law of 2010 has something to do with the savings.

“We’re seeing consistent, steady savings for seniors thanks to the health care law,” Jon Blum, director of the Center for Medicare, told the news provider. “In just two-and-a-half years, seniors have seen billions in savings, and those savings will continue to grow as the doughnut hole is fully closed.”

However, The Associated Press reports seniors who are receiving Medicare benefits may want to look into other options for next year, as premium increases are expected to take place with most of the top Medicare prescription drug plans.

“The average senior is going to benefit by carefully scrutinizing their situation, because every year the market changes,” Avalere president Dan Mendelson told the news provider. Avalere Health was the company that released the report.

While prescription costs remain in limbo, some seniors could be covered under Medicare for their home health care use, if a doctor suggests it’s necessary.

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