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‘Vestibular Rehab’ Sounds Dizzying – But It’s Quite the Opposite

Vestibular Rehab
Fall risk continues to increase as we get older, and vestibular dysfunction, better known as vertigo or dizziness, plays a big role in our ability to stay on our feet.  As we age, dizziness can be a major symptom indicating underlying health problems, and in fact, nearly 80% of people over the age of 65 experience some form dizziness.  Untreated dizziness can even turn into permanent balance deficit leading to limitations with every day functions.  In response, Residential Home Health’s trained clinicians and therapists have developed programs to provide you with the help you need in treating your vestibular dysfunction.

A vestibular dysfunction originates in the ear, in a part called the vestibule, where many balance functions in the body are handled. Dizziness can be the first step in a vicious cycle that threatens the ability to be mobile.  Elders who feel dizzy when standing lose confidence in the ability to get around, meaning they move around less.  Moving less compounds even more decline in strength and confidence, leading to even less mobility.   Dizziness originates as a result of an underlying health condition or an issue in medication.

Residential Home Health has noticed the rise of health risks as a result of a vestibular dysfunction and has taken steps in preparation to deal with dizziness head on.  Launching in January 2016, our vestibular rehabilitation program has seen much growth in the number of clinical specialists trained to treat these dysfunctions.  Specific training is administered to our clinicians in order to provide you with a hands-on, tailored regimen for your situation.  No patient’s vestibular situation is the same so it is important to have a trained professional assess and treat you appropriately.

Vestibular rehab specifically is an exercise-based program designed to reduce symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness, gaze instability, and imbalance.  While vestibular dysfunction itself is hard to reverse or improve, this type of rehab aims to train your body to use other senses to substitute the function of a deficient vestibular system.  Vestibular rehab is just as much about reducing dizziness as it is improving balance while on your feet. Exercises that focus on repetition are used in order to make balance less of a worry and more of a habitual experience to familiarize your body with common movements and stimuli.  Dizziness can be closely linked to anxiety and fear of falling, so in doing familiarity exercises, among others, you can be more confident in your every day life.

Dizziness and the fear of falling can be quite worrisome, but it should not consume your life.  Contact Residential Home Health at 866-902-4000 today to speak with a Home Care Specialist to learn more about our vestibular rehab program and to see if home health services may be right for you.