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What to Expect: 4 Questions Before Home Health Care Begins

This basic guide addresses commonly asked questions and concerns about home health care and the kind of support provided through these services.After deciding that it’s time to start home health care, and before meeting their nurse or therapist for the first time, patients and their caregivers can have a lot of questions. This basic guide addresses commonly asked questions and concerns about home health care and the kind of support provided through these services. Patients and caregivers can feel more comfortable and confident about the days ahead after they find out more about what to expect.

  1. Why should I start home health care?

Your home health care team will give you the tools and support you need to better manage your health and improve your independence, so you can continue living at home for as long as possible. You will have the encouragement and assistance you need to help reach your personal goals, like playing with your grandchildren, walking to the mailbox, or being more active in your community and family again.

  1. How will my home health care team help me?

Care teams are made up of nurses, therapists, medical social workers, and other medical professionals, depending on the needs of each patient. These dedicated teams help you stay safe and independent at home by:

  • Collaborating with you and your doctor to develop a personalized care plan
  • Helping you and your caregivers organize and manage your medications, so you know what to take and when
  • Teaching you about your disease or condition and how to handle your symptoms
  • Guiding you in how to make your home environment safer, so you have less chance of falling
  • Working with you to help improve your strength and balance
  1. What will home health care cost me?

For eligible Medicare beneficiaries, there are no out-of-pocket costs for home health services. Some agencies also accept other insurances.

  1. Who will be coming into my home to care for me?

Once you start home care, you will receive care from a professional health care team made up of some of the disciplines below. Chosen depending on your needs, care team members may include:

Nurses evaluate patients’ health and environment, educate patients and caregivers on disease processes and conditions, and coordinate care among doctors, hospitals, the home health care team, patients, and their families.

Physical therapists help patients to build strength and balance, and develop movement and transfer skills. They also assess needs for equipment, like a cane or walker.

Occupational therapists teach their patients personalized adaptations for performing their daily activities more safely and independently.  This includes strategies for moving with strength and balance, environmental adjustments, and help with assisted devices.

Speech therapists assist patients with motor speech disorders, swallowing difficulty, loss of language ability, and cognitive and memory conditions to improve functioning and to have a higher quality of life.

Medical social workers help patients and families cope with their health challenges by connecting them with community resources, educating on options, and facilitating discussion.

At Residential Home Health, our commitment to clinical excellence makes certain you receive care from compassionate nurses and therapists with the most advanced and expert skills and training.

To ask more questions, for assistance with starting care, or to discuss your specific situation with a nurse, call (888)930-WELL.