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Researchers suggest cognitive training to reduce surgery complications

When a senior undergoes coronary bypass surgery, he or she may have a lengthy recovery process ahead. Home health care workers can help with this, and there are also exercises to improve some of the side effects of the surgery.

Research out of the University of Montreal suggests that cognitive training could help reduce the amount of cognitive impairments that could come from complications following the procedure. The researchers suggest focusing on training attention and memory, as these are two aspects of cognitive function that typically receive the most issues.

“It is clear that seniors’ brains have a certain degree of plasticity,” Dr. Louis Bherer commented, “as we observed improvement in memory and attention even in subjects who did not undergo this training. In my opinion, this is a very useful discovery, as it suggests that patients should receive cognitive training in addition to the usual medical follow-up.”

Dr. Bherer continued that it would be beneficial for any person going through this surgery, especially seniors, to practice brain training as a way to offset cognitive issues.

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