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Health News Round-Up: Cracking Down on Added Sugars

The Skinny on Limiting Sugar

Recent health news from across the Web: added sugars and sugar substitutes, improvements in senior outcomes, when to start home health care, and more.We’ve been warned about the dangers of consuming too much sugar, but now the FDA is making a proposal that could make excess sugar harder to overlook. The organization has suggested two changes to nutrition labels: first, to add a separate subcategory to bring ‘added sugars’ to light, and second, to assign a percent daily value for these added sugars. The agency hopes that consumers will be able to better comprehend how much sugar they are getting and make healthier trade-offs.

(No More Hidden Sugar: FDA Proposes New Label Rule; NPR)

In this related piece, Dr. Aaron E. Carroll discusses the scientific evidence about sugar consumption. His conclusions: added sugars have been proven to be detrimental to human health, whereas the case against artificial sweeteners can come apart with scrutiny. For people who drink sweetened beverages like colas, he suggests moderation and sugar-free options.

(The Evidence Supports Artificial Sweeteners Over Sugar; NYT The Upshot blog)

The Limits of ‘Can’t Hurt to Try’

It’s human nature to want to exhaust all treatment options, leaving no stone unturned. For certain patients, however, aggressive treatments may not be expected to yield results — and what’s more, they may also have a negative impact on quality of life. A research group recently explored the use of chemotherapy for cancer patients near the end of life, and their results suggested that less may sometimes be more. Patients like these may choose to decline curative treatments and focus instead on symptom management and everyday function, for example, through a palliative care program like Residential Home Health’s Comfort Path.

(What If Chemo Doesn’t Help You Live Longer Or Better?; NPR)

Home Health Not Just for Post-Hospital Care

After a hospital stay or rehab, whether from a planned surgery or from a health episode due to chronic disease, home health care can help ensure the success of the transition back home. However, home health care can actually begin any time, with a doctor’s orders — and trends are showing that the number of patients who begin care while already at home is booming. For a simple tool that can help assess your or a loved one’s need for home health care, click here.

(Home Health Dramatically Shifts Away from Post-Hospital Care; Home Health Care News)

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