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LSVT® BIG & LOUD, a specialized therapy program that helps patients with neurological disorders walk and talk to their fullest potential


LSVT®We’ve been told our whole lives to “think big,” but what if that simple statement was the key to treating neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and stroke. Often patients with these diseases struggle to use their bodies to the fullest capacity, and it only gets worse as the disease progresses.  Utilizing larger than life movements and sounds, Residential Home Health therapists are trained to use the innovative program, LSVT BIG & LOUD, to slow progression and improve conditions for patients dealing with a neurological disorder.

Residential Home Health Occupational Therapist Brian Cooper says that patients with neurological disorders have trouble reaching their full range of motion.  Generally, if a person closes their eyes and thinks about extending their arms all the way out, their arms will be extended as far as possible.  For a person with Parkinson’s however, they may think they are doing the full motion but in actuality it is often smaller and slower. Because of the disconnect from brain to body, LSVT BIG & LOUD trains the brain using exaggerated movements and sounds to emphasize what it feels like to actually move in that full range of motion. Patients going through this treatment have seen improvements in movement, speech, and cognition.

LSVT BIG & LOUD exercises mix physical and audible activities as demonstrated in this video by Martin Health System.  The exercises can be as simple as reaching as far as you can in front of you, then moving your arms upward, reaching high to the sky.  The patient may then be asked to count to ten with effort and loudness.  While these tasks are not exactly difficult to complete, they do require the patient to really think about the motions they are doing and the sounds they are making. The goal is to translate that thinking into movements made in everyday life.

As there are over 600 different types, neurological disorders can affect multiple different parts of the body, and each patient can have a unique set of symptoms. Residential Home Health’s LSVT BIG & LOUD treatment is tailor made to your situation, providing you with big and loud exercises that aim to improve your specific condition. The program utilizes repetition of exaggerated core movements from your everyday life.  This repetition optimizes the learning of these movements, ingraining them into the brain so that you can carry them over to daily activities.

The ultimate goal is to get back to living life to your fullest capacity. LSVT therapies do not require any special equipment and are entirely drug-free. Seniors on Medicare may be eligible to receive LSVT therapies in their homes with no out-of-pocket cost.  Call Residential Home Health at (888) 930-WELL (9355) to speak with a Home Care Specialist about how LSVT BIG & LOUD can help you.